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Bus in Amsterdam

City Tours


3 days Euro 99,- only

Itinerary: By bus to Amsterdam; Bike trip through Amsterdam. Visits to the Rembrandt House, Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank House, Jordaan section, Vondelpark. By bus from Amsterdam back home.

Accommodations: One night on the bus, overnight accommodations as you like in single-, double- or multiple-bed rooms at centrally located hotel near Vondelpark.

Meals: Continental breakfast at hotel.

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Entrance fees, food, drinks, boat trips, bike rental, etc.

Climate: Spring 50-60 degrees, winter 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit

Currency: US $1 = 2.08 Dutch Guilder

Visa: No visa required for US-Citizens

Very Special: Every year the last tour of the season starts directly after our anual ABeR-Party. That means: Start the party in Hamburg and get ready in Amsterdam.

City Guide: More Information about Amsterdam in english from Matthijs van Doorn.

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Tour CoordinatorsHigh Life in Amsterdam

For those whose image of Amsterdam begins and ends with windmills and tulips, we would like to give you a small surprise: Amsterdam has developed into a highly cosmopolitan city in which anything goes, and usually does. The city has become a huge melting pot from all ends of the world and is seen by many as one of the most vibrant, dynamic and unquestionably liberal cities in the world.

Our tour guide will be ready to give any and all advice about the "high" points of Amsterdam and its pulsating night-life. For those looking for quality live music and a young atmosphere, we will direct you to the Paradiso and Milky Way, two places where just about anything is allowed. We would certainly recommend a trip to the Jordaan section, a prime area for cosmopolitan people-watching. Also keep in mind that Amsterdam is a city which attracts all kinds of festivals: from theater to music to dance, this city is never boring. In fact, the main complaint from our old friends is that they didn't have a chance to sleep. Amsterdam's round-the-clock nature is sure to stimulate even the most diehard couch potato.

Although the city is often described as being a meeting place for the young, don't forget about the museums and cultural exhibits to be found . Not to be overlooked are Rembrandt House, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House. Amsterdam is a city where the old meets the not so old. The entire metropolis is filled with a network of canals where you can still see romantic old house boats. In particular, the Dutch have taken extraordinary measures to preserve the city's architecture as well as construct innovative new expansions into the outskirts of the city.

The best way to see Amsterdam is without doubt by bicycle. We'll go on an extended bike trip through most of Amsterdam, giving you a first-hand glimpse of this magnificent city.

An extended weekend is obviously not enough time to see and learn everything about the city. But it is long enough to fall in love with this young and exciting metropolis, Amsterdam.

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