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City Tours


6 days DM 396,- only

Itinerary: By bus via Munich, Innsbruck (Austria) and Sterzing (Italy) to Florence. City tour, walks through the Boboli Toscanagardens and the Piazza Michaelangelo, excursion to Fiesole. By bus via Sterzing, Innsbruck and Munich back home.

Accommodations: One night on the bus each way, overnight accommodations as you like in single-, double- and multiple-bed rooms at hotel in Florence.

Meals: Italian breakfast at hotel

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Entrance fees, drinks, food, farewell dinner in Fiesole (three-course dinner, including wine and coffee, for $20), etc.

Climate: March-June: 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Currency: US $1 = 1.83 German Marks, 1352 Italian Lira

Visa: No visa required for US-citizens

City Guide: More and actuel information in english you will find at MEGA.

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Florence - Jewel on the Arno River

When you think of Italy, your mind instantly jumps to images of beautiful, ornate churches, huge monumental palaces, stunning museums, and small, romantic piazzas. The city of Florence embodies all this and more. Tucked elegantly into the rolling hills of north-central Tuscany, Florence is an incredible celebration of Italy's rich culture and historic past.

Of course our hotel is right in the center of town, only a small walk from all of the most important points of interest. Since Florence is most easily appreciated up-close, we'll offer a tour through the city given with an experienced Florentine guide. Our escort will be at your disposal for any and all of your questions.

Although the sights and attractions are numerous and diverse, we recommend a stroll over the Ponte Vecchio, a 2,000 year-old bridge that spans the beautiful Arno River. Many spend hours at this vantage point, taking in the serenity of this idyllic scene. The streets of Florence always seem to be lined with artists, musicians, and actors. It could hardly be more picturesque!

If you are here to visit the world famous museums and churches, Florence is unmatched. On one side of the Ponte Vecchio lies the Piazzale Michaelangelo, certainly the most impressive gathering place in the city. In and around this piazza you'll see not only Michealangelo's David, but also all the social life of Florence, tourists and citizens, gathered in the cafes and restaurants to see and be seen.

International shoppers will be absolutely ecstatic to find that the stores and market are right outside our hotel. Florence is filled with inexpensive and not-so-inexpensive clothing, leather, and shoe stores. After taking a look at the very well-dressed Florentines, you'll probably be in the mood to acquire a bit of their classic style and taste. Go ahead. Indulge! We promise you, chances like this don't happen everyday!

You can also rent bicycles for a relaxing and inexpensive ride through the narrow city streets (that a car would normally balk at). A bike ride would certainly give you a chance to not only observe the street life, but also the native Florentines, who exude no less an air of quiet beauty.

Even though you could spend weeks roaming through the streets, piazzas, art galleries and museums, we wouldn't want you miss getting a glimpse of the surrounding areas of Florence. For that reason, we would like to offer a bus tour through the beautiful outlying villages. In the small village of Fiesole, where we will make a stop, we'll find an unusually large selection of restaurants that offer not only outstanding Italian food, but also beautiful views of the picture-postcard hills around Fiesole. We can think of nothing more fitting to end this vacation of beauty and romance than with a fine bottle of Tuscan wine and the intoxicating air of this quaint village.

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