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Summer, Sun, Ocean

Island of Corse

Never-ending white beaches, quaint rolling valleys and picturesque streets: The island of beauty

Island of Corse Summer-camp or apartment accommodation inclusive exciting excursions to the mountains, to Calvi and Ile Rousse. From the never-ending white beaches and jagged stone coasts, to the quaint rolling valleys and picturesque streets, this island is filled with adventure and allure. You'll immediately see and smell the blooming macchia, while enjoying the comfortable temperatures (low 80's and dry) of this island paradise. Enjoy diving and water skiing, canyoning, mountain biking and trekking at the world famous GR 20.

Itinerary: Trip by bus from Berlin or Hamburg via Munich - Innsbruck, Austria - Sterzing, Italy - Piombino, Italy, by ferry to Bastia, by bus to Algajola.
Excursions to Calvi, Ile Rousse, Bastia, Corte, the mountain village San Antonio, Calenzana, Belgodere, to the beaches of Foret de Bonifato and Tuarelli, visit of the Scala di Santa Regina, excursion to the bay of Anse de Peraigola.
By bus back to Bastia, by ferry to Piombino, by bus back home via Sterzing - Munich to Hamburg or Berlin.

Accommodations: One night on bus with reclining seats or futon-type sleeping area, in Algajola at the camping site at the beach, one night on bus with reclining seats or futon-type sleeping area.

Meals: For your meals you should expect to spend approx. $ 20 per day.

At Your Disposal: Camping equipment of foldaway tables and benches, double-burner gas stoves including bottled gas, large cooking pots, etc.

BikeTour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Entrance fees, food, drinks, excursions by train across the island, etc.

Climate: Summer: day 86 degrees, night 70 degrees, water 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Currency: 1 USD = 1,109 Euro; 1 Euro = 0,901 Euro

Visa: A tourist visa is required. (To be obtained at the French Consulate)

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Island of CorseCamping Adventure on the French Island of Corsica

It's really a part of human nature...when a people are constantly suppressed or governed by a nation other than itself, they tend to develop a special feel for freedom. The Corsicans are such people. For years and years, colonial powers exploited the excellent strategic position of Corsica. This resulted in a nation which learned to treat politics not only a with a great degree of knowledge, but also with a dry sense of humor. Very often, one can find the native Corsicans in front of their houses, weaving tales about their homeland on one hand, and telling witty jokes on the other.

It's there, among the people of Corsica, that we'll begin our adventure into this island of mystery and romance. From the never-ending white beaches and jagged stone coasts, to the quaint rolling valleys and picturesque streets, this island is filled with adventure and allure. You'll immediately see and smell the blooming macchia, while enjoying the comfortable temperatures (low 80's and dry) of this island paradise. The beautiful blue Mediterranean is no less attractive, with temperatures in the mid 70's.

For those interested in the demographics of the island, half of the total population of 240,000 are native Corsicans, while the rest is predominantly made up of French and Algerian "immigrants". Of these 240,000 citizens, about 50% are centered in and around the larger cities of Bastia and Ajaccio. We'll pitch our tents at a shady campsite that lies right next to a beautiful, long beach near the village of Algajola. The sanitary facilities are very well-maintained. You'll also find a variety of fine atmospheric bars and restaurants nearby, as well as a pizzeria right on our campground!

You'll have more than enough opportunity to experience this "mountain in the middle of the sea". For those who would like to discover the interior areas of Corsica long, challenging hikes and bicycle rides can be taken at any time of the year. If it gets too hot during the summer, you can cool yourself off in the clear, cool streams which meander through sparsely populated mountain areas.

We also recommend the wonderful possibilities of diving, surfing and snorkeling that this island offers. Corsica is simply unmatched for sun and fun!! The blue Mediterranean is set off beautifully by stone cliffs and bizarre rock formations. Under water is a sea world that is difficult to imagine. Schools of colorful tropical fish (as well as an occasional octopus) swim peacefully by equally colorful aquatic scenery. In addition to snorkeling, you'll be able to rent surfboards or play tennis at the nearby courts. During the evenings, it'll be difficult to get bored. Either take a stroll over to the beach disco or simply while away the tropical night with a mint julips on the sand!

Although there are many possibilities in our general area, we've planned some attractive one-day excursions which might just pull you away from the sand for a short while. Take for example, the ancient city of Calvi. Right in its midst is a historic old citadel which still houses the famed Foreign Legion! In the city's charming, narrow side-streets you'll have a good opportunity to go shopping, all the while taking in a breathtaking view of the scenery.

On another day, you might find yourself immersed in the Tuarelli Basin...shimmering pools of crystal clear water which are fed from countless mountain streams. Along the way between Saint Florent and Ile Rousse, we'll stop at a wonderful sand bay, Anse de Peraigola. It would be a great idea to just walk along the beach in our present state (tanned and barefoot) and take in this breezy tropical atmosphere. Admittedly, this is a tough act to follow, but... there's more, so let's move on!!

RaftingSituated majestically between the mountains directly over the old city of Corte, lies the citadel which makes up the "cultural center" of Corsica. Here in the university area, you'll find the unofficial seat of the Corsican freedom movement. Their issues are often discussed in the bars and cafes of this well-known city. Corsica, an island steeped in historical controversy, continues to deal with its present and future.

There are many other adventures to be had in Corsica. On our way to the idyllic Ile Rousse, you can enjoy the view from the 5,200 foot-high Col de Vergio Pass, with its incredible array of mountain greenery and stone outcroppings. Even a trip on an antique mountain railroad is not out of the question. In fact, the only real limit to this vacation is your own fantasy and initiative. Come along and enjoy a vacation away from the usual tourist traps! We'll guarantee you an experience as bracing as a Corsican pastice!

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