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Nottinghill Gate Carneval London

City Tours


5 days Euro 199,- only

Itinerary: By bus to London via Belgium. By Ferry boat crossing the Chanal. City tour, excursions to Hyde Park, Tower Bridge and Parliament. Visit to the oldest pub in the world. Nottinghill Gate Carnival. Back home by ferry boat and bus from London.

Accommodations: One night on bus nad ferry each way, two nights in mid-town hotel as you like in single-, double- or multiple-bed rooms.

Meals: Continental breakfast at hotel.

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Entrance fees, food, drinks, etc.

Climate: Summer 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Currency: US $1 = 0.56 British Pounds

Visa: No visa required for US-citizens

City Guide: More actuell information in englischer you will find at The London Guide.

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Caribbean Carnival in London

Dreadlocks, rastamen, steel drummers, punks, hippies and yuppies, all mixed together for one long weekend party. Nottinghill Gate, the largest immigrant section in London, has become host for the largest Caribbean Festival in Europe. Years ago, the festival earned a well-deserved reputation as a place that party lightweights should definitely avoid.

Over the years, the carnival has developed into a seething event that attracts music and party fans from all over the continent and the world. We can guarantee that anyone who joins this steaming world of reggae, ganja, limbo and calypso is sure of a 48-hour non-stop high.

Our hotel is located in the center of London, giving us easy access to any of the city's attractions. From here, we'll go together to the festival. Of course, if you feel like visiting any of London's other sights, you are free to do so. From the shopping paradise of King's Road to the stately atmosphere of Westminster Abbey, London offers something for every taste.

However, for those here especially for the carnival, we recommend only one thing: Be prepared to party and feel the "steel pulse."

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