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Skiing Trips: Cross Country


Olympic games in the European's biggest area ot cross-country paths;
cross-country trip included all meals or cottages with private sauna.

The snow-covered landscape of Norway can offer cross-country skiers what no other country can: over 6,000 miles of cross-country paths! Almost 1,000 of these miles are located in the district of Lillehammer, the place of the Olympic Winter Games in 1994!

Itinerary: Trip by bus from Berlin or Hamburg to the harbor of Hirtshals, Denmark. By ferry to Oslo, Norway. By bus to Sjusjoen. Trip back from Sjusjoen by bus to Oslo. By ferry from Oslo to Frederikshavn. From there back to Hamburg or Berlin. Excursions: the extensive cross-country ski run connects Sjusjoen with Lillehammer, the Over mountain range, Pellestova, Nordseter, Ljosheim, Eliasen, Mesnalien.

Accommodations: At hotel in multiple bed rooms or in cottages suitable for 6 people in 2-3 bed rooms with kitchenette, shower, bathroom, living room and sauna.

Meals: At hotel breakfast buffet, take out lunch, and three-course dinner. In cottages no meals are included.

Also included: Transport of your skiing equipment and sleds.

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Entrance fees, drinks, food in cottages, rental of cross-country skiing equipment is 166 Norwegian Kronen for 6 days.

Climate: Day: 10-22 degrees Fahrenheit, night: -10-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Currency: US $1 = 6.69 Norwegian Kronen

Visa: No visa required for us-citizens

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Cross-Country Skiing in a Fairy-Tale Landscape

The snow-covered landscape of Norway can offer cross-country skiers what no other country can: over 6,000 miles of cross-country paths! Almost 1,000 of these miles are located in the district of Lillehammer, which coincidentally, is our destination. From November to April, the valley here resembles something from a fairy tale! The land remains covered with a 3-foot-high blanket of dry powder...perfect for cross country skiing! The ideal ski conditions of the area have not escaped the view of some very picky judges of snow. The Olympic Committee has chosen this area as the site of Olympic Winter Games in 1994!

We'll begin our trip in Hamburg and continue north toward Denmark. It'll take us eight hours traveling over the water by ferry until we reach the shores of Norway. The ferry has a cafe, a fast food restaurant, cinema, disco and even a tax-free supermarket, so don't worry, we will never get bored Once we reach the shores, it will be about ten hours until we reach our first destination, Sjusjoen.

Early in the morning is certainly the best time to catch the bright red sun shining upon the beautiful white snow. At this time, we'll have the chance to get acquainted with the 250-mile long path which encircles Sjusjoen. This is virtually a dream for any cross country skier! We'll have the opportunity to ski any number of these paths, each of which have their own special sights and attractions. Be careful, though, some of these paths do have difficult segments! If you aren't too sure of your skiing skills, feel free to take part in a beginning cross-country ski course. If you do not happen to have your own ski equipment, you will be able to rent skis in the town of Sjusjoen.

The first path that we might want to try is the 10-mile run which leads toward Nordsetter. This path is suitable for beginners and features an incline over a broad hill over which we'll have an absolutely beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. If we're feeling a bit thirsty or hungry, we'll be able to find a small bar or cafe in most of the areas that we ski through. Here, we can relax over a hot chocolate before heading back out to the snow. In some areas, there will even be public buses which can take us back to Sjusjoen, should we be too tired to go on.

Another interesting possibility is a fun-filled ski race, with some hot red wine waiting for us at the finishing line. Or, we'll go on a torch-lit promenade around the lake right in front of our hotel.

In addition to the more athletic part of our vacation, there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy some of the local amenities. During the evening, we'll have time to sit back and read, chat or do anything we want in the fireplace area at the hotel! We also might want to take advantage of the sauna. Even during the day, if we don't want to hit the slopes, we can always head over to the swimming pool. Towards the end of the afternoon, we can even go on a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through the countryside, complete with hot wine.

In Sjusjoen, we can stay either in a hotel with half pension or in six-person cottages with their own saunas, situated right on the lake. At the typically Norwegian "Fjellheimen" hotel, you'll enjoy a large international breakfast buffet and a takeout lunch. In the evening, you'll be our guests at an even larger buffet filled with hot Norwegian specialties. For those here over Christmas and New Year's, there's a holiday menu of several course. All of the rooms have hot and cold running water, and there are toilets and showers in the hall. The rooms are equipped with up to four beds.

If you opt instead for the all-wood cottages, meals are not included, but each cottage does come with a kitchenette, a private sauna, and large windows with great views of the lake and distant mountains. The lower level has a living area with a sofa and easy chairs and an eating area roomy enough for six. There's also a double bed behind a partition. On the gallery above, there are four more beds. Each cottage is equipped with shower and bathroom.

Outside is a skiers' paradise, whether you're into downhill or cross-country. You see, here, before you know it, you can turn into a mythical Yeti.

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