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Paris Hotel Condorcet

5 days Euro 179,- only

Itinerary: By bus to Paris. City tour covering a large portion of the most famous cultural and popular landmarks. We'll make stops at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, as well as many of the most important places where French history was made. Visits to the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou, The Catacombs, and an excursion to Versailles. By bus from Paris back home.

Hotel CondorcetAccommodations: One night on the bus, overnight accommodations at a centrally located hotel close to Place Clichy as you like in single-, double- or multiple-bed rooms.

Meals: Continental breakfast at hotel.

Special: For the New Year's Eve trip we will have a big party with wine and a buffet in an old converted church.

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Entrance fees, food, drinks, etc.

Climate: Spring 50-60 degrees, winter 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit

Currency: 1 USD = 1,109 Euro; 1 Euro = 0,901 USD

Visa: A tourist visa will be required for most foreigners

Attention: Please notice that our hotels are really central located in Paris and not like a lot of other tour operators do so outside of Paris, for example close to Montmartre, at Lafayette shopping mall, at the Opera or at the Hôtel de Ville. Our 2- and 3-star-hotels are very nice, comfortable and romantic style.

City Guide: For more information about Paris in english we recommend Great Cities of Europe by cineworld.

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Hotel CondorcetRomance on the Rive Gauche

Paris is without a doubt one of the most interesting and captivating cities in all of Europe. The capital and seat of government, the economic and cultural center of France - Paris never ceases to fascinate and inspire.

We'll arrive in Paris in the morning, and if the weather is cooperative, drive immediately to Montmartre to catch the rising sun and watch the city come to life. After breakfast, you'll get your first chance to see Paris with a city tour. The tour will concentrate on the most famous and recognizable sights (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysee etc.) That should hopefully give you a good idea of what to return to for a closer look. The tour will be led by a professional Parisian tour guide, who will try to avoid the cliches of other tours. Instead of stating endless facts and figures, our "guide touristique" will try to give you a direct look into the fascinating daily lives of Parisians. And, if you still want to, we can also offer a tour of those historic points of interest that lie "off the beaten path."

The remainder of your stay will be entirely up to you to organize. We would certainly recommend a visit to the Catacombs, where over 6,000,000 skulls, bones and other human artifacts lie buried. For the culturally-minded, Paris can not be outdone. From the Picasso museum, to the Louvre, with its enormous collection of paintings and sculptures, Paris offers incredible opportunities. The Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg) has become one of the largest attractions in the city - due mainly to its highly controversial architecture and its well-regarded collection of contemporary art. The Centre Pompidou boasts a constantly changing selection of exhibits, and is seen by many as the largest cultural museum in the world. We would also like to suggest a trip with our bus to Versailles, the castle of King Louis IV, with its exaggerated and pompous architecture.

On the other hand, a simple stroll through the streets and alleys of Paris will unearth as many of this city's hidden treasures as a bus tour. In this way, the romance and charm of Paris is directly at your feet. Even more interesting is a leisurely hour or two spent at a cafe. There, you can "people- watch" like in no other place in the city. The Parisian social life unfolds before your eyes and you are there to experience it! The only limit is your curiosity. In fact, curiosity is all that's needed to take a quick visit to Jim Morrison's grave site. The controversy surrounding the "Lizard King" is still enough to cause millions of adoring fans from around the world to make a pilgrimage to this spot.

On weekend trips, we even make a Sunday morning side trip to the Paris flea market, where a virtual plethora of second-hand fantasies awaits the bargain hunter.

Overnight accommodations will be in a centrally located hotel with double and multiple-bed rooms. Those who desire a double room should request it at the time of registration. Continental breakfast at the hotel is also included in the price.

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