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Recreational Tour

Biking in France (Pyrenees)

Biking Tour

Riding along the coast in the south of France, breathing in the salt-tinged air, and getting to know the land and people of this incredible country, ca va?? From Avignon to Cadaqués!

This tour is recommended for everybody with normal condition and a regular bicycle. Only on the last two etappes it's becoming a little hilly.

Itinerary: Trip by bus from Berlin or Hamburg via Dortmund, Germany, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Lyon, Avignon, Remoulin. Suggested bike route: Remoulin - Arles, - St. Maries de la Mer, St. Maries - Le Grau du Roi, Le Grau du Roi - Vias sur Mer, Vias sur Plage - Narbonne Plage, Narbonne Plage - Toreilles, - Argeles sur Mer, Argeles - Cerbere, - Cadaques. Trip by bus via Perpignan, Orange, Avignon, Lyon, Freiburg, Frankfurt back to Hamburg or Berlin.

Accommodations: One night on bus, (depending on where you join the trip), during the bike tour at selected camping sites in Remoulins, Arles, St. Maries, Grau du Roi, Vias sur Mer, Narbonne, Toreilles, Argeles, Cerbere and Cadaques. The duration of the stays at the various camp sites depends on you and your fitness. One night on bus.

Meals: For your meals you should expect to spend approx. $15 per day

At Your Disposal: Camping equipment of foldaway tables and benches, double-burner gas stoves including bottled gas, large cooking pots, etc.

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Bike rental, entrance fees, food, drinks, additional excursion by boat or horse, etc.

Climate: Spring and fall: day 60-70 degrees, night 50-66 degrees, water 66 degrees Fahrenheit Summer: day 80-84 degrees, night 68-76 degrees, water 72 degrees Fahrenheit

Currency: US $1 = 6.28 French Francs

Visa: A tourist visa will be required

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Bicycle TourBicycle Tour from Avignon to Cadaques

Our bicycle trip through France will put us directly in the midst of a society which has a special relationship with this mode of transportation. Whether its a professional race like the Tour de France or a quick recreational ride through their town, the French are generally at home on bicycles. And so, in this highly conducive atmosphere, we'll be riding along the coast in the south of France, breathing in the salt-tinged air, and getting to know the land and people of this incredible country, ca va??

We have designed the trip so that the longest stretch is about 50 miles and the shortest, 22 miles long. In between, there will be rest stops where we can swim, relax and get ready for the next part of the trip. Our route will always go on side roads and paths giving us a maximum of scenic beauty and an absolute minimum of traffic. Although there are a few uphill areas, they are really not steep enough to slow us down. The only possible exception is, of course, the Pyrenees mountains. In our opinion, however, it's certainly worth the climb as we will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.

During our trip, we will be pitching our tents on campgrounds that are directly on the route. We also have a van accompanying us the entire way, in case we want to have some luggage transported, or simply if someone wants to take a break.

Our bus will take us through Freiburg, on the German-French border, past Lyon, until we reach the starting point of our bike trip in Remoulin. Not far from the picturesque city of Avignon, we'll be camping under a grove of pear trees at the campground "Pont du Gard". This campground lies right in the midst of a wonderful landscape very typical for this region of France. Its name is a memorial to the huge nearby aqueduct that was built by the Romans centuries ago. Almost 150 feet tall, and 800 feet long, the bridge spans the Gard river, a tributary of the better known Rhone. Here, we can rent a canoe and paddle out until we are face to face to the imposing aqueduct.

The night before our bike trip, we'll pay a visit to the city of Avignon. Avignon is without a doubt one of the most charming cities in all of France. It is not only filled with an impressive ancient history, but also home to a new renaissance of activity. During late spring, Avignon is host to a very popular film festival that attracts films and celebrities from all over the world. The city is criss-crossed by tiny streets and alleys, reflecting its Roman heritage. The old section has dozens of quaint bars and pubs. Here, we can relax and calmly sip a cafe au lait, red wine or beer (all the while practicing our French!).

The following morning, we finally prepare ourselves for the beginning of our bike trip. There is an air of impatience running through our group as we get in formation for the start. And then...we're off!! If we have enough endurance, we should be able to complete the 50-mile stretch from Remoulins to Saintes Maries de la Mer in one day. However, if we feel like taking a break, we can do so in Arles.

Crystal-clear crater lakes line the way in several places. We'll also see enormous castles standing right on the edges of beautiful rivers, with mist shrouding them in an eery, romantic atmosphere. Our route will also take us through several historic eras. Very often, we will come across old Gothic and Renaissance-style houses standing right next to each other. In many of the small villages that we visit, we will run into lively markets, filled with mouth-watering regional delicacies. The diversity of food in this part of France is staggering!

We'll travel through the tantalizing landscape of Camargue, an area at the mouth of the Rhone. It is especially famous for its wild Camargue horses, which still roam this area. Even such animals as flamingos and bulls dot the landscape occasionally.

Graffiti-Bus with bicycles in Moliets PlageAfter tackling the more difficult stretch through the Pyrenees, we'll finally ride into Cadaques, a small fishing village of 1,300 inhabitants. Although it is generally quite isolated, many famous people have sought it out. Many artists, painters and poets have set up house in this charming little town, simply for its beautiful atmosphere. Such notables as Garcia Lorca, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali found the village an ideal place to relax, compose their thoughts and do their work. Many have described Cadaques as a superlative place to live. Dali once remarked that "even the hills and rocks seem to have been designed by Leonardo da Vinci". If that weren't enough, we'll also be able to enjoy such "ordinary" activities as swimming and sunbathing here on the coast.

So here we are, at the end of the line. We'll put our bicycles on the roof of the waiting ABeR bus, pack all the other things that we've bought along the way, and head back toward Germany.

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