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Biking in Italy (Tuscany)

Recreational Tour

Biking in Italy (Tuscany)

unforgettable parade of sunflowers, rolling hills, lakes and vineyards - from Lago Trasimeno to Florence

Itinerary: Trip by bus from Berlin and Hamburg via Munich, Brenner Pass, Verona, Florence to Lago di Trasimeno.
Suggested excursions by bike: trip around Lago di Trasimeno; to a wine tasting in Cortona; or to Perugia.
Suggested route: Trasimeno - Pienza, Pienza - Siena, Siena - Greve, Greve - Florence, Florence - S. Gimignano, S. Gimignano - Florence.
Trip by bus back via Sterzing, Brenner Pass, Munich to Hamburg or Berlin.

Accommodations: Depending on where you join the tour, one night on bus with reclining seats or on futon-type sleeping area; two nights at the la dogana estate; one night at hotel near Pienza; two nights at hotel in Siena; one night at hotel near S. Gimignano; one night at hotel in Florence; on the way back one night on bus with reclining seats or on futon-type sleeping area.

Meals: For your meals you should expect to spend approx. $ 20 per day

Tour Escort: Tour coordinator

Extra: Bike rental, entrance fees, food, drinks, additional excursion by boat or horse, etc.

Climate: Spring and fall: day 66-70 degrees, night 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Currency: 1 USD = 1,109 Euro; 1 Euro = 0,901 USD

Visa: No visa required for US-citizens

Attention: We also organize a Tuscany-Roundtrip without biking, only by coach.

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Bike Tour through Umbria and Tuscany

Biker in TuscanyFor anyone who has ever had the luck to visit the northern-central region of Italy, there is probably no doubt in your mind about the scenic beauty of this country. Tuscany is an unforgettable parade of sunflowers, rolling hills, lakes and vineyards. Although a trip through the area by car or bus is a good way of getting acquainted with the landscape, why not go one step further and meet the country one on one?? A bicycle trip through Tuscany!! We'll ride peacefully through some of Italy's most impressive landscape. So come along and bring a good amount of energy and a large amount of curiosity!!

After a bus trip from Germany, we'll arrive in Tuscany on the next day. We'll spend the next three nights at the beautiful la dogana estate, on the Lago di Trasimeno. From here, we can go on one of the following bicycle excursions before starting our "real" tour.

Trip around Lago di Trasimeno (about 35 miles total)
On this particular ride, we'll be going with our trusty bicycles around the largest lake in Umbria. Our path through the countryside is lined with quaint, little villages where we'll be able to stop and take a closer look at the rural Italian life. In Castiglione del Lago, we can climb up to the tower of the medieval castle where we will have a great view of this marvelous lake. In Passignano, we'll enjoy the sunset from the beach promenade. The most important part of this and all the other bike trips is the fact that you'll be right in touch with nature. You will be able to see, touch and smell the Italian countryside in a way that no other visitor can. From here, its just a short jump back to our temporary residence at "la dogana".

Cortona and Wine Tasting (about 28 miles total) On this tour, we'll visit the old Etruscan city of Cortona right in the middle of Tuscany. From a special vantage point, we'll get an enormous panorama of the Tuscan and Umbrian landscape. On the way back, we'll stop at a Tuscan winery where the wine master grows her grapes 100 % naturally. Here, we'll be able to taste the fruit of her labor. After a glass or two, we'll make our way back to the apartments, a bit light-headed from all the fine wine and beautiful scenery.

Perugia (about 53 miles round trip)
We'll start out bright and early so that we have plenty of time to experience the hustle and bustle of Umbria's capital. We will be passing through the beautifully varied landscape, past sunflower fields and grape vineyards. When we finally arrive in Perugia, we'll visit the old underground fortress, Rocca Paolin, and enjoy the colorful life on the Piazza IV November, right in the midst of this university city.

On the fifth day of our "giro d'Italia", we'll pedal through the rolling hills of Tuscany. From Lago di Trasimeno, we'll head out to the vineyards of Montepulciano where the famous "vino de Nobile" grows. After a quick breather on a hill overlooking the Chiana region, we'll continue on towards our next destination, Pienza. We'll go through several beautiful pastures on our way to a steaming sulphur bath. Here in Pienza, we'll stay overnight in a small hotel with multiple-bed rooms.

The sixth day will take us to Siena. This famous medieval city has a lot of historic sights to offer, so we'll make this a day-long "rest stop". From the tower of the town hall, we'll be able to enjoy the picturesque landscape of the surrounding region, filled with rolling green hills. In one of the cafes, we'll have the chance to relax in typical Italian fashion with a delicious cappuccino and a piece of the regional pastry, "panforte di Siena".

The last few days of our trip will take us to Florence. From Siena, however, we'll have the choice of two different routes. The first possibility will take us through St. Gimignano, and the second one through the Chianti region. Together, we'll decide which route sounds more interesting to us.

In Florence, we'll spend the night in a hotel right in the center of town. At this point, we will certainly have earned a bit of rest and relaxation! Before we hit the sack for the night, we'll go for a short walk, just to give us a taste of the city. We'll stroll over the Vecchio Bridge, which has spanned the Arno River for over 2,000 years. This bridge is especially important to the Florentines, as all of the other ancient bridges spanning this river were destroyed during World War II. The Arno River flows smoothly underneath as the sun sets in all its splendor.

The next day, we can take the time to see Florence. Since we already have our bicycles in tow, we will be especially flexible. If you would really like a detailed tour of the city, just ask our knowledgeable tour coordinator. The last day of our trip will be spent in the neighboring village of Fiesole, where we'll eat a splendid Tuscan dinner (complete with a local wine, of course), before heading back north.

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